Have you Heard the Rumors about DaVinci Cribs?

Published: 05th January 2010
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All over the web you can find forums where people have asked the question... How does DaVinci baby furniture differ from Million Dollar Baby? You'll get crazy answers like Million Dollar Baby created a second name, DaVinci, so they could sell the same furniture at two different prices, marking Million Dollar Baby cribs as higher end and DaVinci cribs as lower end. That's just not true.

In fact, all of the furniture is made under the umbrella of the Million Dollar Baby Company, but is offered in three different brands including: DaVinci, Babyletto and Million Dollar Baby. The company, Million Dollar Baby, considers all three brands as siblings, being similar in safety, style and quality, but still offering their own individuality.

In reality, DaVinci is just one of a few brand names for baby furniture lines made by the company Million Dollar Baby. So, Million Dollar Baby is the company name and DaVinci is a brand name. This tends to confuse some people when they see the same crib name such as: Annabelle Crib listed as a Million Dollar Baby crib by one retailer and listed as a DaVinci crib by another retailer. The explanation for this is simple. All DaVinci brand cribs are made by the Million Dollar Baby Company, but are not part of the Million Dollar Baby brand...hope that makes sense! Just like all Babyletto brand cribs are made by the company, Million Dollar Baby, but are not part of their Million Dollar Baby brand. Where as, Million Dollar Baby brand cribs are also made by the Million Dollar Baby Company...get it? So, if a retailer lists a crib as a Million Dollar Baby crib that you've seen listed elsewhere under the DaVinci brand, don't get confused or worried that there's some type of conspiracy. It simply means that the first retailer was stating that the crib is made by the company, Million Dollar Baby and they forgot to mention that it's part of the DaVinci brand, where as the second retailer listed it as a DaVinci brand crib. Both were telling the truth, written in different ways.

Let me address the rumor about the Million Dollar Baby vs. DaVinci conspiracy theory that they're selling the same furniture, under two names, at different prices. First of all, it's totally false. Second, retailers can sell cribs by the DaVinci brand at whatever price they want depending on the margin of profit they wish to make. So if you see the same DaVinci crib being sold at two different retailers for two different prices, it has nothing to do with the Million Dollar Baby Company and everything to do with the retailer's desired profit margins. Also, if you see it listed as a crib by Million Dollar Baby on one site and listed as a DaVinci crib on another, that also has everything to do with how the retailer has titled the crib and has nothing to do with the company, Million Dollar Baby. So as you can see, there's absolutely no conspiracy at all. It's all just good old American Free Market Trade.

If you're one of those people who have been scouring the web for DaVinci cribs, but you've gotten confused by the use of the Million Dollar Baby name in place of DaVinci, don't feel bad, you're not alone. Luckily, now you know the truth and you should have no problem finding that DaVinci nursery set that you want.

DaVinci is a popular brand with today's parents for many reasons. It's admired for its sturdy construction, non-toxic finishes, stylish designs, and functional furniture designs such as: convertible cribs that convert to bigger beds as your child grows and changing tables that double as handy dressers later. Plus, the DaVinci brand furniture is JPMA certified and meets all US, Canadian and even Japanese safety standards. Now that's impressive! To make it even clearer, which is DaVinci brand furniture and which isn't, here's a list of the DaVinci brand collections: Anastasia, Charleston, Emily, Harmony, Jayden, Jenny Lind, Kalani, Parker, Reagan, Richmond, Rivington, Roxanne, Thompson and Twinkle.

Million Dollar Baby is a trusted baby furniture company that makes low, mid and high end furniture to fit every parent's budget. All furnishings meet safety standards and come in gorgeous styles and finishes, so no matter which Million Dollar Baby brand you choose, you'll be getting quality nursery furnishings that will keep your baby comfy, safe and organized for years.

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