Colors that Spark a Baby's Imagination

Published: 31st March 2010
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Your little angel has just entered the world and you want to give her the best start at life, but you're not sure how to do that...well, nursery colors are a good place to begin. I'm about to give you the play by play details of how to design the most calming, yet stimulating nursery for optimal brain development for a blossoming baby.

The key to designing the best baby nursery is balance. You must balance between your baby's need for tons of sleep along with your baby's need for brain stimulation. This can be a challenge, but if you follow these tips you just might end up with the most brilliant, most creative and most well rested child on the block! Ok, now back to reality.

Let's start with the facts. A newborn baby can only see clearly up to about 8" from her face, so anything else around her is a blur. So, when decorating the nursery the first thing to ask yourself is...What will my baby see most throughout the day? That answer is simple...her crib bedding. That's why it's important to pay careful attention to the type of baby crib bedding you get for the nursery.

Colors are the first thing to consider. Since you want your baby to be calm and snooze well in the crib, you'll want to choose calming colors such as: soft or medium blue, soft green, light purple and soft pink that flow throughout the baby crib bedding set pattern. These colors have proven to instill calmness in babies and blue even slows the nervous system to really relax your adorable angel. If none of those colors tickle your designer fancy, then go with any of your favorite colors in a softer and lighter shade. The pattern of baby bedding isn't as important, because you're really not looking for anything that will stimulate your baby too much, when in the crib. So, when considering baby crib bedding sets, think soft colors, soft fabric and soft patterns. That's easy enough.

If you want to add some entertainment in the crib, add a musical mobile with soothing music and gentle colors. This will keep your baby happy when she wakes after a nap, but won't stimulate her to the point of over excitement. Find a mobile that matches the baby crib bedding set and your crib will look absolutely adorable and your baby will love her sleep space. Now that we have your baby's sleep space covered in the ideal bedding for optimal sleep and soothing entertainment for those awake moments, it's time to move on to the rest of the nursery.

When your baby is out of the crib, she'll need a space in the nursery for playtime. This is where you want to stimulate her senses, spark her imagination and help her creative side bloom. To do this, you'll want to add contrasting dark and light colored toys, puzzles, blocks and even a fun and colorful cozy rug would be a good idea. Research shows that contrasting colors (mixing lights and darks) help to stimulate a baby's brain and help little one's learn about colors sooner rather than later. Consider also creating an accent wall in the play area with stripe, circle or geometric patterns that are sure to energize your baby and spark imagination. If you found a baby crib bedding set that had greens and pinks you might want to consider designing the accent wall with those same colors in darker shades. You could paint the entire wall soft pink and use deeper shades of greens and blues in a circle pattern to add color contrast and interesting design. This is sure to ignite your baby's senses. To make it easy, just cut out simple circle stencils in different sizes, hold them up against the wall and paint between the lines. It's really that simple.

Now that you have the perfect baby bedding for the crib and an adorable and stimulating play space for your precious angel, it's time to decorate the rest of the nursery. Next, think about what else you'll do in that space; late night feedings, story time, cuddling and diaper and clothing changes. Most of those other activities require your baby to be calm and serene, so you'll want to continue the baby bedding color scheme around those parts of the room, as well. Use the throw pillows that came with the baby crib bedding set on your rocking chair. Use the baby blanket on the floor as a story time mat or hang the comforter on the wall as fabric art. This is a great way to utilize the full baby bedding set to create the rest of the nursery décor.

Now that your baby's nursery offers soft colors and fabrics and gentle designs in the crib and around the rocking chair and changing table, and bright contrasting colors, on walls, floor and toys in the play space, she's set to develop a grand imagination and creativity that will be skills she will benefit from through every stage of life.

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