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Published: 10th May 2010
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As parents we only want the best for our little angel. This includes their sleeping space! In the first few months your newborn will be sleeping up to 16 hours a day. Before getting a crib, it's always suggested you do as much research as possible. I have done the research on one of the most popular brands out there today, DaVinci Cribs, and compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions right here for you to refer to during your important search.

Question#1: Who makes DaVinci Cribs?

Million Dollar Baby, producer of these popular cribs, started in 1999 and quickly became one of the hottest baby furniture manufacturers around. presently, MDB has three "children" divisions: Million Dollar Baby, DaVinci and Babyletto. All three are individualized and express different styles and d├ęcor as typical siblings do.

Question #2: Where are these cribs manufactured?

All MDB cribs are made in the wonderful US of A! Everything is head-quartered in Los Angeles, CA and meticulously inspected by a team of professionals before being packaged and shipped out.

Question#3: What type of wood are their cribs made of?

Around 80% of DaVinci cribs are made from special forested Radiata Pine wood from New Zealand. DaVinci also uses Rubberwood from Malaysia and Sepetir wood from special forestation programs in Asia.

Question #4: Are these cribs eco-friendly?

DaVinci's Radiata Pine is shipped special to the US from special reforestation areas in New Zealand that practice eco-friendly logging. From day one, Million Dollar Baby has been ecologically conscious; planting a tree for each one they chop.

Question#5: How many collections of cribs does DaVinci make and what's the difference?

There are sixteen collections and counting! This includes their most popular Kalani collection and the three new Babyletto styles that are DaVinci's take on clean and innovative design. Another one of their most celebrated styles is the Jenny Lind collection from the century old design that was invented in dedication to the famous opera singer.

Question#6: What's the average cost? This of course depends on what style of crib you are looking for. The three main styles are standard, mini crib and convertible crib. All of these styles are around the same price and are astonishingly economical, averaging at about $220.

Question #7: Does DaVinci make portable cribs, mini cribs, round cribs?

DaVinci actually makes combinations of the portable and mini cribs. They make portable mini cribs and portable standard cribs and also the standard style mini crib. The portable mini crib is an excellent option to the pack-n-play since it can be easily broken down and is little enough to fit into the trunk of a car. Some also come with castor wheels for you to carry around the home you are visiting. They do not make round cribs at this time.

Question #8: They make several types of convertible cribs, what does that mean?

Convertible cribs are the industries answer to the next step after the crib. These cribs can transform from 2 to 4 times, giving you the option of how you want to transition your child into their big kid sleeping phase. Some parents choose to go from crib to the full size head and foot board transformation, and some choose to convert their crib to every step: toddler bed, day bed, then full size bed. Get the 2-in-1 for only the toddler bed option, or the 4-in-1 for a sleeping space she can have her whole childhood.

Question #9: Has DaVinci ever had any crib recalls? If so which ones?

No. At MDB they work day and night to ensure they keep their products the safest out there for your overall peace of mind.

Question #10: How do I know that DaVinci Cribs are safe for my baby?

After rigorous testing, DaVinci cribs not only pass the CPSC federal safety program and are JPMA certified, but they also surpass the meticulous Canadian and Japanese safety requirements as well. An example of this is their paint testing. The average children's furnishings have paint rated at 300ppm, which is considered "low toxicity". At MDB, their paint testing is at 2ppm, one of the lowest in the industry!

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